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A Better Event Calendar

Myhub is an event management platform for Squarespace websites. Our software combines event promotion, registration, and data analytics into one experience -- that can power all your events.

Event Management

Better Events Start Here

Myhub helps brands consolidate their event strategy into one platform with powerful and integrated tools that'll help you become more data-driven as an organization.

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Event Registration

Collect RSVPs or Sell Tickets

Myhub can power everything from basic event promotion to guest registration and ticket sales that you can scan at the door. Our software is lightweight, flexible and capable of powering all your events end-to-end.

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Data Management

Track Everything In One Place

Myhub consolidates all your data into your own dashboard and then gives you a powerful set of tools to browse, manage, filter, sort, search, and analyze it seamlessly.

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Data Integrations

Take Your Data With You

Myhub let's you connect your data with over 1,500 different platforms so you can operate faster and more efficiently.

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Our Community

Designed For Community-Driven Brands

Regardless of your industry or company size, events are a universal and proven marketing tactic that can be leveraged by any business.

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You Deserve a Better Event Platform.

Every plan starts with a 14-day free trial. No credit card, no contract, and no setup required.